Also available in: Español

Author: Anastasiah Kimeu

Published by: World Health Organization

Year: 2014

Type of Document: Manual

Description: In 2012, The World Health Organization (WHO) published some operational guidelines under the title ENGAGE-TB: integration of community activities to fight against tuberculosis at work of NGOs and other CSOs. In 2013, they published an implementation manual for the mentioned operational guidelines. The training program and guide for the moderator included in this publication are based on the implementation manual and have the purpose to facilitate training of staff of national programs against tuberculosis (PNT) – or equivalent bodies-, of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as other potential stakeholders in the approach ENGAGE-TB. The training that is intended to provide should improve the capacity of these stakeholders to support community activities in the fight against tuberculosis and to integrate them in their ongoing work. This document has been specifically designed as an instrument that combines the training program and the moderator’s guide.